Top Office Chairs for your Work & Gaming Space (2022)

Office Chairs to meet your healthy, space saving, affordable and luxurious needs.
Top office chairs for your work and gaming space

Take a look at our picks on the best office chairs for your home (2022). These office chairs are sure to enhance your WFH, studying, or gaming experience. You can view our picks for each category below:

  • Standing – Perfect for standing desks.
  • Space Savers – Need the extra room? These office chairs will make sure of it.
  • Cheap – Best for the bargain hunters or those who just need an office chair (that’s not from the kitchen table).
  • Luxury – If you want the best of the best!
  • Gaming – Keep you comfortable for the long sessions (disclaimer – does not include racing chairs).

Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links for which I may receive a small commission from when you purchase through the links below at no additional cost to you. These are all products that I personally recommend. Thank you.

Standing Office Chairs & Stools

Sitting down for long periods of time is not great for back health. Therefore, if you have chose to invest in a standing desk, these stools and office chairs will complement it well, giving you a balance of standing and sitting.

Luna Standing Desk Stool

luna standing desk stool

For those of you who want to commit to the standing life, Fully offers a seating option that blends the best of sitting and standing with its Luna Standing Desk Stool.

The stool incorporates healthy movement by allowing you to freely tilt, lean, sit, or stand in whatever position you feel is most comfortable and engaging. The Luna stool features a slip resistant base and firmly adequate support. The chair is offered in a range of 5 colors.

This stool is especially perfect for those who get fidgety in a standard chair.


Offers a balance of standing and sitting

Height adjustable

Freedom to move

Sturdy high quality build


Little expensive


Hylone Mesh High Back Drafting Chair

hylone mesh high back drafting chair

This Hylone Standing Chair provides the comfort of an office chair in the form of a stool. It is completely adjustable from its height to the foot ring support. When you’re done for the day, you can also flip the arms up and store under your desk to save space.

The chair doesn’t skip out on comfort either offering a supportive breathable mesh back and padded armrests. 

Overall, the Hylone High Back Drafting Chair is perfect to give your legs a breather on your journey to live a healthy office life.


Large height range

Extremely adjustable

Flip up arms for easy storage

Easy to assemble


Not an alternative for a standard office chair – suited for resting at a standing desk



Space Saver Office Chairs

For those of you who don’t have the space for large work or gaming setups, these chairs are both functional and space saving. As a result, they provide comfort and extra room when needed.

Hbada Office Chair

hbada office chair

The Hbada Office Desk Chair allows you to flip the arms up whether it be for easy storage under desks, or if you want to sprawl out! Perfect for small spaces.  

The mesh back provides solid lumbar support and enough ventilation to keep you cool. 

The materials used are not quite as high-quality compared to other chairs on this list; however, the sleek design makes up for it. Overall, the Hbada office chair offers a ton of good things within this price range.

Mesh back support and seat are adjustable

Easy to move around / portable



Lower quality material

Low weight tolerance of 250 pounds


Gabrylly Mesh Office Chair

gabrylly mesh office chair

Similar to the Hbada mesh office chair, the Gabrylly Office chair offers folding armrests making it easy to store away for extra room. The modestly spacious seating and foldable arms are perfect for sprawling out or stretching during a long day’s work.

The mesh backing offers full body support keeping you well ventilated in hotter climate. 

Overall, the Gabrylly Mesh office chair is a solid choice for those wanting the extra head support and space.

Mesh back for better ventilation

Fully body support – including lumbar 

Folding arms for easy maneuvering


Headrest is not suited for all heights (best within 5’5″ and 6’2″)


Cheap Office Chairs

If you like to budget or aren’t interested in flashy office chairs, the options below will save you money and keep you satisfied.

Smilemart Adjustable Mid Back Chair

smilemart mid back office chair

This super affordable office chair provides enough comfort and aesthetic without breaking the bank. The Smilemart office chair offers  mesh mid-back support to fit your natural posture. 

Best part, the chair comes in a range of 7 color choices to fit the aesthetic needs of your work, study or gaming space. As expected with this price range, the materials aren’t as high quality as some of the other chairs on this list, however, it’s enough to keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Very Affordable

Range of color choices

Mesh back with lumbar support


Lower quality material

No reclination


Ekland Mesh Task Chair

If you want an office chair that is affordable and vibrant, the Elkand Mesh Task Chair is able to meet your colorful needs. The chair is durable, comfortable and easy enough to assemble within 10 minutes. 

Best part, there are 12 colors to choose from! 

Be mindful, the chair is not a full-size office chair so it is recommended to those who prefer not having a big clunky chair or for those wanting to save on some room.

Very Affordable

Range of 12 colors

Small enough to save space


No armrests

On the small end of office chair sizes


Luxury Office Chairs

These are our picks if you want to go the extra mile and spend on some higher quality builds. Might be expensive upfront but could well be worth the investment in the long term.

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair

steelcase gesture office chair

The Steelcase Gesture Office Chair is on the more expensive side sitting at over $1000.00 USD. 

With this price range, you can guarantee a quality experience. Steelcase has successfully designed a highly responsive chair that caters to the way you work today. The chair offers a ton of adjustability allowing you to fine tune it to your every need. 

Attachments such as additional lumbar support will require a further upgrade cost, however, upfront the standard version is more than enough to achieve optimal comfort and ergonomic support. 

High Quality

Tons of ergonomic adjustability

No assembly required

12-year warranty



Back support height does not adjust


Steelcase Leap Office Chair

steelcase leap office chair

Again Steelcase offers high performance seating at a luxury price with the Steelcase Leap Office Chair. The Leap chair sits again at over $1000.00 USD. Similar to the gesture, the Leap offers highly adjustable back support and optimal comfort for a range of heights. An additional headrest is also available for further head/neck support. 

The quality, range of adjustability, and durability makes the chair a solid investment in the long run if you can get by the steep upfront cost.

Tons of ergonomic adjustability

Range of comfort covering the back rest, seat, and armrests

No assembly required

Customizability of fabric and frame color



Gaming Chairs

This selection of office chairs are solid alternatives to your standard gaming racing chairs. Not quite on the level as the previous luxury brands, but solid enough to keep you comfortable for long sessions.

Autonomous Ergo Chair Pro

The Autonomous Ergo Chair Pro provides optimal adjustability, comfort and support. All components of the chair can be adjusted from its headrest to the tension controlled reclining. The chair offers an ultra breathable stabilizing backrest and responsive lumbar support which caters to your unique natural curvature. 

The chair is perfect for extensive gaming sessions or even the 9 to 5 work from home. 

Overall, the Ergo Chair Pro is a solid choice if you don’t want to invest in the higher priced brands but still want considerable quality, adjustability, and comfort.


Tons of adjustability – reclining, arm and headrests

Flexible back support

Quick to assemble

Wide color option range


Heavy base – difficult to lift

Little expensive

Build quality not quite on par with the luxury brands

FlexFit Hyken Mesh Task Chair

flexfit hyken mesh task chair

Compared to the Autonomous Ergo Chair Pro, the Flexfit hyken mesh office chair is at a relatively lower price point. The chair features high back support encompassing the entire length of your spine with solid lower lumbar bracing. The chair offers a ton of adjustability from the angle of the headrest to the back support’s tension controlled tilt.

The chair has a breathable mesh design to keep you cool during long sessions. 


Breathable mesh support for back and head

Affordable at this quality range

Adjustable seating angle and chair height

Wide color option range


Less comfortable armrests

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