Top 6 Desk Essentials to Enhance your Desk Space

Create a solid foundation for your desk space with these 6 essentials.
Top 6 desk essentials to enhance your desk space

Whether you want to spice up your desk space or create the gaming setup you’ve always dreamt of, here are a number of ways and products you can use to spruce up your on-desk work and gaming space.


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1. Desk Space Lighting

RGB LED Desk Lighting for your desk space

Adding lighting such as RGB is a staple lighting technique plenty of gamers use for their setup, whether it be using light bars, panels or RGB strips. It doesn’t just have to be for gamers either – RGB can help elevate any workspace. 

Here are the benefits of RGB Lights:

Illuminate your gaming/work space creating an immersive or relaxing atmosphere

Be used for custom lighting making the space your own

Be a cost-effective energy saving alternative

If you want to know how to setup RGB LED lights, here’s some recommendations.

To keep your professional work space and gaming station reserved and sleek, I recommend hiding lighting behind or underneath items for the best effect. Here are some recomendations:

Around the Sides of the Desk

RGB light strip lining the back side of your gaming desk space

Tip: Stick RGB lighting to the back of the desk rather than the sides. Sides aren’t as subtle and can be harder to hide if you don’t have desk side storage.


 Behind the monitors

RGB Light Strip behind monitors creating ambience for your desk space

Having ambient RGB LED lighting behind your monitors will help reduce eye strain during those late night sessions – plus they create a nice ambience.

Extra Tips and Tricks:

Use RGB Lights with diffuser channels to reduce ‘hot spots’ making the RGB Light strip appear evenly spread for a cleaner look. 

RGB LED light strip without diffuser
RGB LED Light strip with diffuser

Here are a few recommendations to get you started on your RGB addiction 

Govee RGB led strip lights for your desk space

Govee RGB LED Strip Lights

Tenmiro led lights for desk space

Tenmiro LED Lights

Phillips Hue Bluetooth Smart Lightstrip

2. Desk Space Plants

Office and Gaming desk setup inspiration using desk plants for your desk space

Maybe you’re not a fan of RGB Lighting? If that’s the case, there are certainly other ways to keep your work and gaming space looking clean.

Using plants can be a perfect way to accent your desktop. Desk plants create a natural ambience that will complement all setups – especially wooden and all white themes. 

Remember you don’t need to use real plants either! Fake plants are a great alternative for your home office space.

Number of ways you can use plants for desks

Desk Plants can be a centre piece for your office desks space. Whether it be under your monitor or sitting on either side of your monitor stand

Desk plants used as side accents – perfect to fill up room on the sides of your desk space

Desk Plants look great on top of everything – On the top of your PC, Speakers or on-desk storage


Take a peep at the inspiration for some office desk plant ideas

1) Desk Plants on either side of the monitor

Desk plant inspiration with plants on either side of the monitor or desk space

2) Desk Plants as side accents for the office desk space

White Monitor Riser for additional height and storage on your desk space

3) Desk Plant on top of PC

Desk Plants on top of a PC

Here are some recommendations of desk plants for your home office to get you started


Nubry Mini Articificial Succulents

Juvale artificial bonsai tree for your desk space

Juvale Artificial Bonsai Tree

2-piece fake plants for your desk space

The Bloom Times 2-piece Fake Plants

3. Wireless Essentials

Anime Keycaps

Bluetooth or wireless products are a perfect way to keep your desk space looking clean and minimal. Wires can be messy and a nuisance to deal with, so why not get rid of them completely.

Wireless products you may like to look into:

Wireless Mouse

Wirless Keyboard

Wireless Headphones and Wireless speakers


Take a peep at the inspiration:

Gaming Desk space setup with wireless keyboard and mouse
Top 6 desk essentials to enhance your desk space
Wireless keyboard and mouse for clean office and gaming desk space

One of the drawbacks with wireless products is the higher latency or lag time. This basically means it takes a little longer for the computer to register inputs compared to wired products. 

Wired products can be more beneficial for gaming, however, most people can’t visually see the delays making a wireless mouse and keyboard perfectly fine to use.

These are simple additions but they can be the difference between a clean looking desk space and a messy one. 

Here are some affordable entry-level recommendations to get you started

Keychron K2 75% Bluetooth Keyboard for desk space

Keychron K2 75% Bluetooth Keyboard

Logitech G305 Wireless mouse for desk space

Logitech G305 Lightspeed Wireless
Gaming Mouse

4. Cable Management

If you don’t want to take the wireless route, there is always the option to manage the cables on your desk. Keyboard, mouse, speakers and computer cables can all be kept in order with a few simple solutions.


Here’s a bit of inspiration to help get you started

Cable Clip used to clip down cables on your desk space

Tip: Use cable grommets or clips to keep your keyboard and mouse cables exactly where you want them.

cable sleeve to keep cables together on your desk space

Tip: Use cable sleeves to keep all your PC wires together making it easy to manage

keyboard with coiled cable

Tip: Buy cleaner looking cables such as a coil cables for your keyboard.


Tip: Use velcro straps to secure cables to your monitor stand or the desk itself. 

Here are a few essential cable management products to get your desk space clean and organised.

cable management kit for your desk space

152-piece Management Organizer Kit

Tez Coiled Aviator Keyboard USB-C Cable

ZihiYo White Cable Sleeve

5. Monitor Mounts + Risers

Monitor Mount / Arms

Monitor Mounts or Arms are a great option to clear room on your desk space. You can clamp them down to your desk 

Benefits are:

More desk space – which is especially beneficial for those of you who clutter your desk when you’re working

Creates a clean and minimalistic look

Tons of adjustability to move your monitors into a position that is perfect for you

Generally, includes cable mangement in which you can run your monitor cables down the arm


Here’s a few examples and some inspiration

Monitor arms for your desk space
Monitor Mount Clean Gaming Setup


1) Buy an arm that can hold the weight  of your monitor. Some can be either too heavy or too light for the mount – If you are unsure, check the weight of your monitor on the manufacturers website and make sure that it sits within the weight range of the mount you want to buy.

Tip: Some monitor arms for smaller screen sizes can hold the weight of larger screens as long as you stay within the weight range. This will save you a bit of money especially if you have a larger monitor. 



2) Make sure your monitor is compatible with a monitor arm. Not all monitors are VESA compatible, meaning they do not have the available holes in the back ready for attachment.

Tip: If your monitor is not VESA compatible, you can search up “*insert your monitor model here* VESA adaptor”, which will show you an adaptor that will allow your to attach your screen to a mount.



Here are some affordable recommendations – Make sure these products will work for your monitor by following the tips above.

north bayou monitor desk mount for your desk space

North Bayou Monitor Desk Mount

Holds screen sizes between 17-30″ and a weight capacity range between 4.4-19.8 lbs.

Huanuo Dual monitor stand for your desk space

HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand

Holds screen sizes between 17-27″ and a weight capacity range between 4.4-14.3 lbs per arm.

EVEO Premium dual monitor stand for desk space

EVEO Premium Dual Monitor Stand

Holds screen sizes between 17-32″ and a weight capacity of upto 17.6 lbs per arm.

Monitor Risers

If you want the extra space but don’t want to spend money on a monitor arm, you can use a monitor riser. 

A riser will let you use the space under your monitor for extra storage. They will elevate your work and gaming setups both figuratively and literally.

Monitor Risers will let you:

Store work items such as your laptop, paper, etc., giving you more desk space.

With a drawer provided, you can store your office essentials such as your pens and pencils.

Store away your keyboard and mouse for when you need more room in front of you.


Here’s a bit of inspiration

Wooden Monitor Riser with laptop storage for your desk space
White Monitor Riser for additional height and storage on your desk space
Dual Drawer White Monitor Riser with underneath laptop storage

Risers add extra functionality and customizability to your setup. Definitely an underated item. 

Take a look at a few of our recommendations to get you started:

Olmaster Foldable Monitor Riser

Bambloom Monitor Riser with

6. Desk & Mouse Pads

Desk and mouse pads are the perfect items to fill the blank canvas in front of you.

Desk & Mouse Pad Benefits

Non-slip surface

Can dampen keyboard sounds and vibration

Prevents desk damage

Personalize the desk space in front of you

Defines your workspace keeping your focused and productive


Here’s a bit of inspiration –  You can add a personal touch like the Gundam theme, or you can keep it minimalistic and sleep with plain solid colors.

Gundam Desk Pad for gaming desk space
Minimal dary grey desk pad for your desk space

Desk and mouse pads can really help bring your theme to life  on the desk space in front of you. They are an iconic addition that can single handedly transform your gaming and work space. So what are you waiting for? 


Start your desk and mouse pad addiction now:

office desk pad for your desk space

Office Desk Pad

Non-slip Waterproof Desk Pad

Thank you for reading!

Remember you don’t have to buy everything on this list all at once. The best part about building your gaming and work setups is slowly watching it come together piece by piece!

What piece on this list will you add to your work or gaming setup first? Let us know down in the comments!

We welcome all sorts of feedback so please let us know what you would like to see so we can bring you the content you want to see in the future!


 Now go off and make your desk space your OWN 

 – Nyeeo

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