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Let's explore Nyeeo's Setup!

Take a look at what powers it all!

PC Specs

Cable Extensions


What do you use your Setup for?

I primarily use my setup for gaming and my 9-5 when I work from home.

However, I do use it for general productivity - which is just another word for binging anime and watching Youtube.


I drew a ton of inspiration from "cozy-themed" setups on Pinterest and TikTok. Nothing is more inviting than a warm atmosphere to work and game in.



Gamakay LK67 with Sushi Keycaps & Gateron Browns

What is your favorite item in your Setup?

There are so many items in my setup that I love. However, if I had to narrow down to one, it would be my Divoom Ditoo Plus Retro Bluetooth Speaker.

Any advice for those wanting to start their Setup?

Take your setup one item at a time! It's easy to see all these fantastic setups and become overwhelmed.

Start with the basics e.g., chair, desk, monitor, computer, mouse & keyboard. Then slowly add with time.
Divoom Ditoo Plus Pixel Art



Locally Sourced


Locally Sourced


RGB Strip Lights
(Locally Sourced)

Wall Decor

Floating Shelf
(Locally Sourced)

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