Divoom Ditoo Plus Review (2022)

The Ultimate Aesthetic Desk Speaker

The Divoom Ditoo Plus is a bluetooth speaker that offers the ultimate retro-mini computer design aesthetic. You may have seen it pop up on your TikTok ‘For You Page’ from time to time.  

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Divoom Ditoo Plus Design

Divoom Ditoo Plus Retro Design

Packaging & Contents

First off, the packaging is extremely well made coming in a protective plastic casing that is cute enough to keep (I like to use it as it’s own custom display). 

The Divoom Ditoo Plus comes with a standard user manual, USB-C to USB cable for charging, and …… STICKERS! If that hasn’t already won you over, then sit tight, it only gets better from here.

Ditoo Plus Packaging

Retro Aesthetic

The Divoom Ditoo Plus’ most notable feature is the 16×16 pixel grid used to simulate an old-school retro computer screen. It’s perfect for displaying custom pixel-art and animations that can be created through the dedicated app (More on that soon). The actual build is made of a plastic, however, it feels extremely robust and high quality. 

For color options, the Ditoo Plus comes in 6 colors: Black, Pink, White, Blue, Green, and Red. There’s plenty of choices to match any gaming setup and desk space aesthetic.

The on-board keys and lever can be used to navigate the menu, adjust the volume, or play the available minigames. Some of our favorites include Snake and Flappy Bird.

Divoom Ditoo Plus Review 2022

Sound Check

Ditoo Plus Volume

The Divoom Ditoo Plus isn’t a game changer in the sound department. In fact, there are plenty of other speakers that top the Ditoo Plus. However, if you’re anything like me, you probably came for the pixel-art (Don’t lie). 

Do not fret though! This mini computer offers suprisingly solid audio quality for its size. This gadget is very well rounded in terms of its design and sound quality. 

The actual speaker is located at the top of the device with a subwoofer on the back for some rich bass. Overall, this gives the ditoo plus an impressive audio range and a good deal of volume if you want to get loud. 

Divoom Ditoo Plus Speaker
MircoSD Slot

For music, you have the option to play wirelessly with the speaker’s Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity; or you can play music off a microSD card giving your ditoo plus its own dedicated library.

Battery Life

This gadget is technically a portable bluetooth speaker after all, and with it being powered by a 3000 mAh battery you will get about 8 hours worth of battery life.

This is all dependent on music volume, key backlighting and screen brightness. It may not be cut out to be your dedicated audio source for your gaming setup, however, keeping it plugged in will technically fix this issue. 

If you’re not a fan of the charging cable interferring with your organized desk space, there is the option to cable manage with some grommets to keep it clean.

Divoom Ditoo Plus Review 2022

Favorite Features


My favorite feature (and most peoples favorites) that the Divoom Ditoo Plus has to offer is all available in its dedicated app. 

In the Divoom app, you have access to creative tools for your very own custom pixel-art and animations – Take a peep below! We had a go at creating our logo.

Divoom Ditoo Plus Pixel Art
Totoro Pixel Art
If you’re not the artisitc type, don’t worry! You have access to a whole social gallery of art that is shared within the Divoom community. Likewise, you can upload your own creations for others to use and interact with – basically like a Pixel-Art instagram.


As mentioned earlier, you can play a collection of minigames – fitting for this mini computer. You can use the on-board keys and joystick to play, making it the perfect addition to any gaming setup. Do take caution though as this is also the perfect distraction for any work setup.

Personal Assistant

Even more, the Ditoo Plus is the perfect All-in-One Desk Buddy.  This buddy can be used as an alarm clock, daily planner, time keeper, sleep assistant, and can even display calls and notifications.  There is very little this mini computer cannot do. 
Divoom Ditoo Plus Clock

Divoom Ditoo Plus Review 2022

Overall Impression

The Divoom Ditoo Plus is a fantastic little desk companion. It is able to set itself apart from other speakers and desk accessories with its innovative and captivating design. 

I’ve personally had a blast playing around with my desk buddy and I couldn’t envision my setup without it. Overall, this little gadget truly serves a handful and does it with class. 

I managed to purchase my Divoom Ditoo Plus from AliExpress, however, it is also available for purchase on Amazon, or on the Divoom website.

Divoom Ditoo Plus Review

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