Best Govee Products to Complete Your Gaming Setup

Our top 5 Govee products that are sure to elevate your setup!
Govee Aura Table Lamp - Our Best Govee Products to Complete your Setup
Govee is the new up and coming wave for lighting products. With personalized ambient lighting being such a staple for gaming setups these days, Govee offers high quality, affordable lighting options to keep our RGB addictions at bay.
Infact, they go beyond RGB with their RGBIC lighting effects. To summarize, the RGBIC technology allows multiple colors to be displayed at the same time, whereas, RGB on the other hand can only display a singe color at a time. This gives you unlimited potential for your own personalised lighting.
We’ve listed our Top 5 Govee Products that are sure to elevate any gaming setup!

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1. Govee Glide

Govee Glide
Want a clean, unique lighting piece that is sure to elevate your gaming space?
The Govee Glide Wall Light combines diffused RGBIC lighting and a customizable layout to bring sleek, personalised lighting to your gaming setup. It features up to 16 million different colors and can display 57 colors at a time. 
The interchangeable RGBIC segments and elbows allow you to map out your walls with ease providing the perfect lighting accent for your setup. The Glide also offers 40+dynamic scene modes and six music modes to choose from. In terms of light adjustment, the Glide can be controlled via the Govee Home App or Voice Control (Alexa or Google Assistant).
Overall, the Govee Glide Wall Light is second to none with its quality, affordability, ease of use, and uniqueness. 
govee glide 6 piece and 1 corner set

Govee Glide Wall Light
6 pcs+1 corner Version

govee glide 8 piece and 4 corners set

Govee Glide Wall Light
8 Pcs & 4 corners Version

2. Govee Lyra

govee lyra floor lamp
With minimalism being all the rage right now, Govee’s Lyra RGBICWW Corner Floor Lamp does not disappoint. Its sleek and slim form creates a completely immersive atmosphere without overwhelming your room or gaming setup. 
Similar to the Glide, the Lyra Lamp boasts an impressive level of light customisation with 64 Lighting effects and 6 reactive music modes. The lamp also allows you to express your creativity with its custom DIY mode. It is easy to use with in-app control and voice control options.
Once again, Govee has done an impressive job keeping it elegant and unique
govee lyra floor lamp

Govee Lyra Floor Lamp

3. Govee Aura

Govee Aura Table lamp
Back on the topic of Lamps, Govee also offers a table alternative with their Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp. This lamp is the perfect accessory to get creative with your desk and shelving space. 
Again, there is no shortage of customizability with Govee’s extremely intuitive app and custom lighting modes. The finger sketch in-app feature lets you perfectly match your setup and color choices. Don’t worry if you aren’t creative, there are also 40+ scene modes to choose from. With set lighting effects such as Ocean, Fire and Aurora, you can bring a sense of tranquility and warmth to your gaming space. 
With 16 million colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless. 
govee aura table lamp RGBIC version

Govee Aura Table Lamp (RGBIC)

govee aura table lamp RGBWW version

Govee Aura Table Lamp (RGBWW)

4. RGBIC LED Strip Lights

Govee RGBIC led strip lights
Govee takes RGB strip lighting to the next level with their Govee RGBIC Bluetooth LED Strip Lights. These are no ordinary RGB LED lights, these strip lights allow you to take full control of your RGB lighting. 
You can change the colors of individual segments along the strip, use a large range of scene and music modes, or get creative with their in-app DIY light studio. 
The box comes with two 10-meter rolls and 3M adhesive. The LED Strip Light is completely controlled via bluetooth + app control.
No longer do you have to settle for a single color on your RGB strip. With these RGBIC LED Strip Lights you can go on a color frenzy and customize to your hearts content.
govee led strip lights

Govee LED Bluetooth Strip Lights

5. DreamView Light Bars

govee dreamview light bars
Last but certainly not least, the Govee DreamView P1 Light Bars are versatile backlights that can be attached to a table/desk or stuck to the back of your TV/ monitors. These DreamView Light Bars really do create the ultimate dream-like immersive experience for all your gaming and movie watching activities. 
Govee’s signature RGBIC colored lighting allow you to mix and match a whole range of colors on a single light bar, however, where the DreamView Light Bars really steal the show is with their color sense smart camera technology. Color sense lets you capture the colors on your screen and project it as a backlight. This truly creates an enchanting atmosphere for all gamers and movie lovers alike. 
The Light Bars can be easily controlled via the Home App or using voice control – Alexa or Google Assistant. Set features such as the collection of 12 scene modes and music modes will keep your setup unique and versatile.
Overall, the DreamView P1 Light Bars are sure to elevate your gaming experience.
govee dreamview light bars

Govee LED Bluetooth Strip Lights

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