Best Aesthetic Keycaps to Complete your Keyboard Setup

Keycaps to Complete your Gaming Setup
Customizing your Keycaps are a great way to add that personalized touch to your gaming setup. With so many keys to customize, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a keyboard that is unique and special to you. 
To make things a little easier, we’ve setup a list of our favorite keycap types, sets and pieces to help you get started on your keyboard addiction!  
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1. Artisan Keycaps

artisan keycaps
Artisan keycaps are the perfect personalized addition to any keyboard. These are artistically designed and sculpted to the highest of quality making them unique to any setup! 
Most people tend to use them to replace their Esc and Fn keys, however, the placement on your keyboard is a personal preference. The downside with Artisan keycaps is that they can be relatively highly priced and most artists only release a little at a time. But that is exactly why they are a unique addition to any setup.
Don’t be discouraged! There are a ton of places where you can find one perfect for you! Check out some of the places below:
Remember to take your time and find one that is special to you! It’s all about adding your own flare when it comes to Artisan Keycaps. 
Don’t know where to start? Here are a couple personal favorites.

2. Best for RGB

Pudding Keycaps
If you are anything like us, we love ourselves a little but of RGB in out setups. Keyboards are no exception when it comes to RGB overload, however, there are definitely some keycaps that standout from the rest when it comes to making that RGB pop! 
Pudding keycaps are made for RGB. They feature a more translucent finish around the sides of the caps that allow more lighting to shine through. If you are looking for that extra glow, Pudding’s are the way to go! 
Let’s get you started with some recommendations. Razer Phantom keycaps are a very popular pudding set, and for good reason. The Razer Phantom keycaps are a solid, high quality keycap set that are sure to give you that RGB 
HK Gaming Pudding Keycaps

HK Gaming Pudding Keycaps

3. Gaming & Anime Theme

Anime Keycaps
Maybe you would like represent your favorite games or Anime? There are keycaps for that too! Games like Valorant and Genshin Impact are very popular when it comes to keyboard customization. Gamers love to use themed genshin impact keycaps and Valorant keycaps dedicated to their favorite characters. 
Anime also plays a big part in a lot of gamers setups whether it be anime figure collectables, anime funko pops, or accent pieces. 
If you love anime or particular games so much, why not get some keycaps to match! Here are a few popular sets that will add that extra spice and complete that anime / gaming theme you’ve been seeking!

4. Beginner / Budget-friendly

Beginner / Budget Friendly Keycaps
If you’re still not sure what to pick or where to start, here are a couple budget & beginner friendly sets that look great with any setup. You won’t have to spend anything over $30!
Obviously, keycaps are a personal preference, however, these are some of our favourites.

5. Naturally Aesthetic Keycaps

naturally aesthetic sets
If some of the keycaps on this list are a little too extravagant and you would like to stick to some calmer tones, you’re in luck! Natural and Earthy tone aesthetic has become increasingly popular with gaming setup enthusists. 
These sets are sure to keep your minimal and wood themed setups grounded providing the perfect addition of tranquil ambience your setup has been longing for. 
Take a peep at the popular natural aesthetic themed keycaps below:
guffercty kred ember keycaps

Guffercty kred Ember

Thank you for reading!

Remember keycaps are a perfect way to express yourself. Make sure to find a set that will bring the best out of your setup!
Are there any on this list that you love? Let us know down in the comments!
We welcome all sorts of feedback so please let us know what you would like to see so we can bring you the content you want to see in the future! 
Now go off and make your desk space your OWN 
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